Brian and Katia Dagenais Properties


"Thank you Brian for making my first time experience renting an apartment so pleasurable and being so patient!  If I ever move to Ottawa again I hope you will rent to me again!"

---Hasna F.

"I'll definitely be recommending you to my buddies looking to rent.  I don't know any other landlord that would have actually helped me buy my own home."

---Marc L.

"Thanks for all your help and for being patient with my 'issue' lol"

---Katrina P.

"You and Katia have made my renting experience very pleasurable, definitely the best landlord service I've had in years"

---Tina L.

"I never imagined my own landlord would help me move my furniture when I couldn't afford to hire a moving company...and thanks for co-signing for the truck! :)"

---Mohammed H.

"Any other landlord wouldn't have been so patient in waiting for rent when I had temporary financial issues thanks to you and Kat for your understanding"

---Anna M.

"I really hate having to move I hope my next landlord in Toronto will be half as good"

---Narka N.

"Thanks for everything!!"

---Cathy R.

"Thanks for giving me a chance as a first time renter...I was nervous about finding a nice furnished place at such a great price between my moves"

---Kathleen B.

"Hey Brian I don't know if you remember me or not I rented from you years ago. I'm moving back to Ottawa and was wondering if you have any vacancies coming up this summer?  I lost alot of time last time looking at dumpy places"

---Kevin P.

"Thanks to you and Katia for your attention and more importantly your professionalism and confidentiality in this matter"

---Margaret C. 

"I never knew landlords could be so nice, helpful and down to earth"

---Matthew L. 

"My mom never would have let me leave if she didn't meet you lol"

---Christina V.