Brian and Katia Dagenais Properties

All our properties are upgraded 

with high end finishings that give

 the feel of home sweet home

 unlike other typical 'rentals'.

We provide an individual 

customization service that can

tailor your needs to make your 

living experience as enjoyable as


We can add any one of these 

additional services that we can 

manage for you on your behalf:



home phone


garage/storage rental

outdoor gardening space

 fully furnished units

We recognize in today's fast pace

 lifestyle, you may not always 

have time for the little things and

 as such we're happy to offer our 

clientele heavily discounted rates

 for our grocery delivery service.

  For as little as $60/month, 

clients can email in their grocery

 order and within a maximum of

 4 hours, have their order 

delivered to their doorstep. 

 Conditions apply.